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About Us

With over 16 million subscribers and 3+ BILLION views, PDK Films is the largest YouTube channel involving blaster battles. We create high quality, action-packed, and amusing videos that incorporate themes from video games, pop culture, and Hollywood films. We shoot our videos all over the world in crazy locations - including a real life battleship!


We work with many different clients to create captivating videos that showcase their brand while also maintaining our channel’s theme: blaster battles. We cater to each client’s unique situation and have worked successfully with toy brands, video games, and Hollywood films. We have no affiliation with the NERF® brand. 


Learn more about some of our branded content below, and if you’re ready to get started contact us today!

Branded Content

Nerf War Tank Battle.jpg

Wargaming wanted to promote their popular game, World of Tanks, to our massive audience. The result: a hilarious battle between Paul (the main personality behind PDK Films) and some tanks. The video includes World of Tanks gameplay while preserving the natural theme of our videos.

Nerf FPS Battleship Battle.jpg

 Nerf War: Battleship Battle

We worked with Wargaming again on its second game, World of Warships. We coordinated a shoot on the USS Iowa Battleship in Long Beach, California. The set of a real life battleship combined with natural integrations of gameplay led to another successful campaign with Wargaming.

Nerf FPS Mile 22.jpg

STX Entertainment asked us to produce a branded video for Mark Wahlberg’s Hollywood film, Mile 22. We shot the video in the Palm Springs desert and incorporated themes from the film. The video ends with trailer segments and a strong call-to-action for viewers to see Mile 22 in theaters.

Nerf War Brother Vs Brother 2.jpg

Chromebooks provided us a unique opportunity to showcase their laptops to our viewers. We exemplified how Chromebooks are useful, productive pieces of technology that can be helpful for any task. We used a Chromebook to win a battle while also naturally integrating the unboxing and talking points in an instinctive manner.


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